Candle Care


Our candles are made from "KeraSoy" Wax as we need a strong wax with high glass adhesion. This product is designed to not produce too much heat and stress on vessels. Our vessels are made of a very thick strong glass and complies with ASTM 2179 and 2147 testing methods which ensures glass is able to withstand head and has no cracks or fractures. 

  • Our black jar candles have undergone a water soluble paint finish, use a dry microfibre cloth to wipe outside of dust instead of washing, soaking or using soapy water.

Failure to follow safety instructions may result in fire, injury or smoke damage. 

Never burn your candle when 1cm of wax remains at the bottom of the glass jar.

Burn your candle for only three hours at a time, extinguish, let soy wax cool, trim wick to 1cm & relight. 

Avoid burning in draughty areas, near an open window or in doorways as a change in temperature may result in the glass jar cracking or shattering.

Never leave a burning candle unattended or in the presence of children and always burn on a stable flat heat-proof surface. 

Keep away from curtains, flammable objects, children and pets.