Contact Us: 

Subtle.creationsnz@gmail.com - Allow 2 full working days for a response please. 


Custom Orders: 

Just email us with what you would like!  


Our prints are printed onto either 240GSM White Card.

Frames are not included - These can be requested via email or in your cart instructions where you will then be invoiced, all frames are white. 

Processing times: 

Please allow 5 full working days from the time of your purchase for your order to be packed, labeled & picked up by our courier service. This is for in stock items.  We are a made to order business, everything is made when it is ordered. 

5PM is the end of a working day, all orders placed after this time frame will not begin to be processed till 8am the next morning which will be classed as processing day 1. 

NZ POST DELAYS: Approximately 6 days nationwide. 


For Metro/Urban areas within New Zealand please allow 1-2 workings days, for rural areas allow an additional 1-2 working days. - Please SELECT "STANDARD SHIPPING" FOR ALL ORDERS NEEDING COURIER. If you order any products including a candle the select "standard" you only select the refill drop off or pick up option if you are purchasing a refill. Other shipment items are only for refills drop offs & returns. From 14/11/2021 if you select the wrong shipping you will be sent an invoice. 

We now ship internationally, please allow 2-4 working weeks for packages to arrive, some may take longer than others. We have two rates, one for Australian customers and another for the rest of the world, everything is in NZD. 

Your tracking number will be sent to you when it has been created, please allow a full 24 hours to allow any updates to be loaded.

Please check your junk mail for our emails as well if you have not yet received your tracking number. 

Subtle Creations takes no responsibility for packages once they have been sent. When they have been sent they become your property, any loss of items or damage, please liaise with NZPost but email us to let us know you have done this as we MIGHT be able to assist you. Nor do we offer refunds or replacements for damaged or misplaced goods. 

Pick up service:  

Pick up service is available during the working week Mon-Fri. This is FREE. You will be emailed when your item is ready. You will have 2 working days to pick up, bring order confirmation with you. 

No Pick up services will be available on the weekends. 

Refunds & Returns: 

We do not issue any returns or refunds for "change of minds".  

But we will refund or resend orders that have been faulty or incorrectly supplied. 

Please keep in mind these products are all handmade, which means they will come with slight imperfections and may visually look different between batches. 


Ingredients are listed in product descriptions and will be sent in your package, if irritation occurs please stop using. We create a Natural Soap Bar but thats does not mean that it will be suitable for every person and their skin types. Please conduct test patch before use. 

We cure our Soaps for 2 weeks, this allows any excess water to evaporate and for the Soap to set. We also conduct pH testing to all our soaps before they are sent out. Hence why our wait times for Soaps can be a little longer. 

"Pre Orders": 

We carry stock of all our products but not huge amounts as we like to make our products on demand for customers. Just because it says "Pre Order" does not mean we are out of stock it just allows customers to continue to place orders and for us to continue to make items as they needed. 

When your item has been fulfilled you will receive confirmation. 


If you have selected one of our Candle or Bath Salt/Scrub Refill services then follow these prompts. 

Courier Bag requests: If you have selected "request a courier bag" as a part of your order then...

1) When you get to the check out select "Refill shipping" as you won't be charged. Courier charge is already worked into the price of the service. If you have other products in your cart & the order is not over $100 then select "Standard" as you will not receive completely free shipping for all items. 

2) Please ensure that you are sending back a jar in some sort of protective packaging, if your jar arrives broken we will not compensate or refund any part of the service.

3) Please send your item back ASAP.

4) The ticket provided with a prepaid courier bag will be for standard courier delivery, so the quicker you send it back to us, the quicker it can be filled and sent back to you.

5) You will be emailed when we have received it back and when it has been shipped back to you alongside a new tracking number. 

Free Drop off: If you have selected "free drop off" as part of your order then...

1) When you get to the checkout select "Refill drop off".

2) Drop offs need to be made within 2 working days of placing your order to 508A Mandeno Street Te Awamutu. Please label with name and order number. 

3) If the order is made before 5pm that is Day 1, after 5pm the next day is classed as day 1. However orders can dropped off anytime during your 2 working day period. We just use 5PM as the cut off for our working days to keep track of all our orders and timeframes. 

4) Failure to drop off within 2 working days will result in cancelation of the service and no refund will be given. 

5) You'll then be emailed when it is ready to pick up, where you will have an additional 2 working days to pick up. 

BUT Please email us if you have had something come up and that is preventing your from sending your item back or dropping it off. We will be compassionate for this, we will not be for blatantly not fulfilling your half of the service you have selected.  

Refills will only be made for Jars/Containers/packaging that has been sent or dropped off, we will not provide additional packaging. 

For candles allow 3 working days for refills, for salts/scrubs only 2 working days are needed to refill. 

Keep in mind: 

Our dates are timeframes where we have allowed a couple of extra days either side incase anything outside of our control has occurred. This is to ensure your order can be ready and arrived well before your expectation. We have done this to not inconvenience anyone.